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By nmurray, Feb 28 2019 08:54AM

Welcome Kelvyn to my blog. Please let everyone know about your writing journey and about The Many adventures of Peter and Fi

What made you want to write a book?

I've always been inspired by storytellers. Whenever I ingest media I'm constantly considering "Why did they present it like this? How would I have done it differently?" And writing is my way of telling a story the best way I think it should be told. I've always had an active imagination, with some fantastical scenario or far-off adventure playing in the back of my mind. The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi is the one story I couldn't keep for myself and wanted to share with the world.

Tell us about you and where you live.

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. And although I am proudly Canadian, my parents come from Mombasa, Kenya, and their parents from Goa in India. I graduated McMaster University with a Bachelors in Biochemistry and I use the lessons I learned there to fuel the magic system in my fantasy world. My favourite activities include back-country canoeing in Algonquin Park and travelling with friends. I love taking new places I visit and new people I meet and incorporating them into my writing.

What have you written and what are you working on now?

My book series is titled The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi. Volume I: Homecoming is available now! And I'm hard at work writing Volume II for a Summer 2019 release. The series follows Peter and Fi as they work together, each searching for something uniquely special to them through the four kingdoms of their known world. It’s a tale of fantastical beasts, peculiar characters, remarkable settings, and a unique brand of biochemistry-based magic. A story that focuses on meaningful character interactions, delicate world building, and intense action battles.

How do you market your books and do your promotion methods work?

My main goal in marketing is to always be available to my readers and reach out in as many places as possible. I have an active presence across twitter, reddit, instagram, facebook, and more. I encourage readers to contact me and let me know what they thought of my story and I make it a point to always respond. I also have a Patreon account, where fans can subscribe to receive bonus content, their name at the end of my books, and direct updates from me on how my creation process is going.

Where can readers find your book for sale?

My book is available on Amazon, Kobo, and also to experience for free on Patreon. It's available in print, ebook, and audiobook formats. I'd love for you to take a chance on my work and dive into this world that I worked so hard to put together. Thanks for taking the time to hear my thoughts. I'd love to have your company on this journey!

Thanks again for giving me this chance to share my work Natasha, here are the links again and the photos to include:




Thanks Kelvyn, it has been a pleasure :)

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