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The book market has drastically changed over the past few years and we have entered a new and interesting era in the world of books. It is now possible for anyone who likes to write, to publish their works on the internet within days of completing their masterpieces.  There are so many new authors 200,000+ every year, hoping and praying that their books will be discovered and all their creations will sell by the thousands.


Unfortunately, very few authors can make a living from selling their books.


Do not feel disheartened. A published book is like a living legend. It will always be out in the public domain, ready to delight an avid reader and this alone should be reward enough for the tears and toil that go into producing a book.


A true writer is not happy unless they are plotting a story and putting it down on paper – it is both enjoyable and is a compulsion.


Once the book is complete and is intriguing and like no other, then you have become a successful author even before it has been read.


If you would like to know how to self-publish a book for free, then click on my Blog tab and look for Publishing a Book.


Publishers will only take on new authors if their

books appeal to a wide market and and they are certain that it will be popular and sell. Chick lit, thrillers, novelty and recipe books are always popular. Always be true to yourself and write quality books that you would love to read.


I have studied the world of book marketing and promotion for several years and have tried different ways to promote my books. I have had limited success using social media, or online promoting methods and find that the best way to sell books is to go to fairs and markets. People just love to talk to you about your books and it is heartwarming to discover that people still love to read.


If you click on the Promotion Ideas tab or my blog at the top of the page you can see what I have tried.


For all you readers out there, there are so many good authors to choose from. Search for books on Amazon and all online book stores. The top 100 books listed are not necessarily the best authors.


If you are willing to review books, then authors are really happy to give you their books for free for an honest review. Add yourself to a reviewer website and you will find that there are some really great books out there.

 Dear  Authors and Readers

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