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Promotion Ideas

There are several ways to promote your book and everyday I am discovering new ways to do this.  Below is a list of promotion ideas to try:

1.  Website

It is essential to have a website and it is probably best to set yours up before your book has been released. This can be done for free, there are a few companies offering this but I have to say that I am really impressed with Wix. Moonfruit is fine but I do have to pay an annual fee for this site. These website providers are easy to use and and you can create a new website in hours. On your website, as well as promoting your book, include articles or a service that will interest both authors and most importantly readers. Remember to use key words in your title and within the body of your website and in the page metatag section that a reader or author my use when searching for books or book promotion advice. Don't forget to set up a link to your publisher or set up links to the sites where your books are listed for sale. Lastly, set up a subscriber srection so you can get a list of your fans' email addresses in exchange for a giveaway - see below.

If you look on U-Tube there are a lots of book trailers to look at for ideas and if you think of a creative way of presenting your book then your book may get noticed. It might be worth doing a reading of your book on YouTube - that might be easier to do. A simple trailer can be created using VSDC Free Video Editor

2.  Video Book Trailer

3.  Facebook Page/Ad

4.  Twitter

6.  Blogs

7.  Virtual Book Tours

8.  Reviews

9. Publicity Fairs & Stunts

First, you need to set up a Facebook account and try and get as many friends, neighbours and work colleagues as you can to become your Facebook friends. Then set up a new page with pictures of yourself and of your book and information about it. To do this go to:



On your personal Facebook page set up a link to your book page and ask your friends to go to this page and click on 'Like' so that they become your fans.  If you write on this page under discussions about your writing career,  friends will be able to see how you are doing.  Don't forget to set up a link on your book page for them to use to buy your book and mention your website address so they can visit that too.


When you post something on  your book page, Facebook encourages you to create a Facebook Ad.  These ads appear on the right hand side of everybodys' personal Facebook page.  If someone clicks on your ad, there is a charge - you can set a time limit and a charge limit of just a few pounds.There is an art to creating a great ad and to find out how to do this you need to visit Mark Dawson and watch his free instructions at::

This is a social network site and a “tweet” - is ideal for quick thoughts, sharing links to interesting information and passing along, or re-tweeting, messages from others that you think are worth sharing.  I have joined Twitter and keep adding author friends but do not tweet enough to get noticed.  If you have the time to tweet three times a day. To join, please go to:

10.  Promotional Goods

11.  A Related Service

On your website, set up a subscriber page offering something for free for an email address - this is known as a magnet. You could offer a short story, newsletter or one of your books for free. This way you can create a list of fans that you can contact if you have a book release or book promotion and hopefully get some sales. You need to make it clear that you will not bombard your subscribers with emails - nobody likes a spammer. Mail Chimp offers a free email subscriber service.

These can be incorporated into a website or you can set up a website just as a blog.  I have set up blog on this site and am entering articles about my book advertising experiences and  have guest author interviews too. Blogs are a good way to get noticed as the search engine spiders are attracted to them  

Your book is featured online on a seven day tour on relevant high traffic websites, blogs, social networking sites, and article directory sites.  There is a charge for this service  and your audience are likely to be authors. I have not been on one so am not sure if many books are sold this way. I have never seen any adverts to join a book tour either.

1. Send a flyer/press release about your book to all relevant publications offering a free book in return for a review. Sadly only 1% from the 400,000 books published each year get reviewed by the papers or magazines.


2. The third thing to do, is go to book bloggers and review websites and seach for book reviewers and see if they are willing to review your book. For every 100 email sent out to book reviewers, I have found, only one or two book reviewers will actually email you back to say if they would like a free copy to review or to let you know that they are unable to help you. A good book review site to try is The Indie Book Reviewer:

If you are unable to get your book into a shop then set up a stall at markets and fairs. You will need to get 5m public liability insurance. It might be worth considering doing something unusual for charity and incorporate promoting your book in some way.  You could sky dive whilst reading a copy of your book and  raise money for your favourite charity.  Get the local papers and radio involved.  Arrange book signings, readings or talks at bookshops, at the village hall or libraries. Organise a book show in your nearest town - I run the UK Southern Book Show in Worthing.

If you are able to give lectures on creative writing or on a similar subject in schools or to writing groups, this will help to promote your book significantly.


12. Goodreads

Goodreads is a  social network specifically for readers with a mission of “getting people excited about reading.”  With more than five million members around the world, Goodreads is a place for readers – and authors to connect, recommend books, compare what they are reading, and much more.  The Goodreads Author Program is free and helps authors to reach readers and promote their books. You will be able to publicize upcoming events, share excerpts of your writing in progress, and post a video. This is the best way to advertise and people around the world have bought my book but sadly I did not cover my  advertising costs. I will be interested to see if my next book will do better as it should interest a wider market.

Blog www.selfpublishingformula.com/

5.  Subscriber Email List/Mail Chimp/Magnets

mailchimp.com/pricing/entrepreneur/ www.theindieview.com/indie-reviewers/

When you are out selling your books, give out bookmarks, your first chapter in a promotional booklet a voucher to get a free book or even a freebook for a review.

Link button

13. Amazon Sponsored Ads

There is a fine art to creating an Amazon sponsored ad and this is to do with keywords. It is recomended that you use Amazon's automated keywords first and then see which ones are performing best. You then create another campaign using the top keywords. So far I have not had a great deal of sucess using Amazon ads and have not had many sales so I have not covered my costs. I have even had an expert create a campaign for me and had no sales. An author's marketing life is a difficult one.

14. Bookbub

Bookbub are great at book promotion but you need to have several good book reviews before they will consider you. Advertising with them is expensive but if you can get them to promote your book then you may cover your costs. I have yet to try this advertising avenue. I will report back when I do.